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Jobs & Careers
POSITION:Sr. Engineer / Scientist
CENTER & DEPARTMENT:Chemistry & Physics
  • Plan and conduct laboratory research and development programs requiring applications of advanced materials and technologies to the hydrogen energy industry.;
  • Perform basic and/or applied research in advanced materials development for hydrogen energy, including design, synthesis, and characterization of catalytic materials, catalytic activity testing, and interpretation of results; conduct pilot tests to scale-up the production of the catalyst and catalytic process, and perform techno-economic analysis of commercial production processes;
  • Track technical development of the under developing materials and related processes through literature research, technical and academic intercommunication; Write and assess proposals to expand into new materials research and technology areas; collaborate with internal and external collaborators on responsible research programs; Write research report, present results to staff and management, and protect intellectual property. 
  • PhD. in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry, or related field;
  • 5+ years R&D experiences in the development of advanced materials for catalysis and hydrogen energy. Hands-on laboratory experiences in material synthesis and characterization for catalytic reactions, with gas-solid and gas-liquid-solid phase reaction systems, and in design and setup of catalytic reactors;
  • Familiar with coal chemical, petrochemical and natural gas chemical industries;
  • Experience in project management and ability of supervising and directing the technical contributions of others;
  • In-depth knowledge in chemical engineering and catalytic material sciences. Understanding problems in energy chemical industry, especially in the production and storage of hydrogen energy. Able to conduct process optimization to reduce production cost through the development of advanced catalytic materials, reactor design, and system integration;
  • Demonstrated highly interactive interpersonal skills for effective communication with project team members, management, collaborators, and customers etc;
  • Ability to prioritize responsibilities and handle multiple duties/projects simultaneously;
  • Demonstrated independent thinking and creative ability, ability to work equally well independently and as part of a larger team, self-motivation and strong attention to detail to efficiently complete tasks outlined in research plans on schedule;
  • Proficient in English as working language, no communication barriers. 
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